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Fisticoy Worldwide, Inc.

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On this page we list some of the products we offer as part of our main production line.

Wexicon Car Wax
Always a favorite, Wexicon Car Wax is made for the lazy ass who needs to do body work on their car, but is too much of a lazy ass to actually get it done! In one simple step, Wexicon will remove the paint from your car, and leave the undercoat a waxy clear!


AllatShit Candy Bar
Filled with every damn thing! AllatShit contains peanuts, nougat, almonds, pecans, caramel, peanut butter all wrapped in chocolate! Mmm...Allatshit is good!


Afrack Afro-surance
Afrack Insurance is a new policy offering from Fisticoy's Insurance Agent, Appleton-Longwoode Insurance. As Afrack Duck might say, "Afrack yo'self muthafucka!"

The CamelToaster


An exciting new design in toaster technology, the CamelToaster lets you know when your waffles are good and ready to pop out.

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