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Welcome to Sherry!

This website is here for one reason, and that is because Sherry plays the guitar, and she deserves to be heard. I'm her son John, and I will be maintaining this site, posting videos and comments. You see, all of her life, Sherry's had the bad end of things, and I feel that it is within my power to make things good for her again. That and she plays a mean guitar, and I think you'll like it too.

She's been playing since she was 8 years old, and her family encouraged her to develop her gift to it's potential. When she was barely a teenager, she was playing in a bluegrass band with her two brothers and their friends. They'd play anywhere there was a stage, from studios to run down bars, she would play the guitar, the mandolin, and her brother's band mates would play rhythm guitar, doghouse bass and banjo. Always looking at things with a quirky sense of humor, Sherry played her best and won many awards and accolades from the bluegrass community.

A few years later she would become a wife, later on, a mother of two, Sherry became busy with life, always scrimping and saving with her husband, just to get by, and usually unable to pay bills (at one point living in their car...I remember, I was there), there wasn't time for anything else, a serious illness (a link below for her story of her illness), and she hasn't been on stage or in front of an audience since. I want to change that.

Sherry Allen is a good person, who is talented, filled with humor and a genuine warmth, she loves people and has a quick wit that makes her endearing to many. She's a good soul, and she doesn't deserve the events in life that have happened to her. So I want you folks to watch these videos. They're not perfect. The camera and microphone are cheap (it's all I could afford!), the guitar is a very cheap knockoff (she deserves better!), but I think you'll agree that she's got fire, and she's got talent, and hidden away where no one can see her play is not fitting for her.

So please watch these videos, and see her play.

Blessings always,

Click Here to read about Sherry's story regarding her former illness.



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