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A Work in Progress

What happened to Sherry that kept her from playing in front of an audience again?

I have to wonder in a world that we live in now, why anybody would refuse to believe in God.
I believe in a higher power. And I have proof He exists. He is my Father God, and through Jesus Christ I have been saved, redeemed, and physically miraculously healed by God.
Up until 1992, I lived a normal life like anyone, I gave my heart to God in 1977. I have always believed in Him, His Word, and His Son. But in 1992 a strange chain of events, started with my health.

I was always healthy, outgoing, loved the outdoors, taking care of my kids, and my husband. God blessed me with the gift of music at the age of 8. So when this chain of events happened in 1992, I had no idea what was ahead of me.
In April of '92, I broke my foot. That didn't seem like a terrible thing, but 2 weeks later, I had a gall bladder attack, and had to have it removed. When they were doing the surgery, they seen a widening in my chest cavity.
First thing that my medical doctor said was possible cancer.

Now me believing in God and having faith in Him in all things, I refused to believe and accept his diagnosis. I went to the hospital and had a lymph gland removed out of
My left arm to be checked for cancer. It was negative.
But they did find something they said wasn't serious, and that I could lead a normal life and that everything would return to normal. At the time the doctor's did not know what was ahead for me. It is now March 15, 1993. I am sitting on my couch after dropping my children off at school, and as I am watching my TV, it seems as if I am in a tunnel. Totally off balance. I was really scared. I was all alone, and didn't know what to do.

I called my sister. She called my family doctor and he told me to go to the hospital. My sister came and got me.
I couldn't even keep my balance. They immediately admitted me to the hospital. They ran lots of tests and didn't know what the problem was. Then God sent a doctor, a specialist, in neurology, finally, he came up with a diagnosis.
It was called Sarcoidosis. It was a disease of the spine and cerebral cortex, as well as the central nervous system. It had done damage to my eyes, the eye doctor who had came into The hospital to check my eyes, said that the eyes had suffered so much damage in the rear nerve centers it scared him. Once I was diagnosed, immediately God took control.
The doctor put me on 7 medications and the neurologist did
A spinal tap (*John's note: A spinal tap is where they drain your spine with a very large needle in the nerve centers in the spinal column).

The main drug I was put on was called prednisone. It's a prescription steroid. And it has some good effects as well as bad ones. It was a week later after I was out of the hospital that I went to the eye doctor. Now this was the same doctor that examined me in the hospital. To his amazement, he ran me through every possible eye exam, he couldn't believe it, my eyes were perfect. God's grace and God's miracles never fail. The side effect from the prednisone was a lot of weight gain. I had what was called a cushionoid face. My neck was so big I couldn't even turn it. I gained tremendous weight in the trunk of my body. So from 1993 to 1996 everything seemed to go real good, but then there came a bump in the road, in September, I started to have blurry vision. I didn't know what the problem was, But I thought maybe it was an astigmatism, because I wore glasses. But then in November, I was getting extremely thirsty, and drunk a lot of water. I dropped 35 pounds. I thought that was good. But the problem was, I was very weak. The doctor sent me to the hospital for bloodwork.

My blood sugar was 600. I could have been dead. But God again, intervened. But it does not end here. The doctor put me on insulin and at this time I was getting very weak, And because of the diabetes, it had deadened the nerves in my lower extremities. I had no feeling there, and my legs were getting very skinny. Muscular Atrophy. (*Rev's Note: A thinning of muscles due to either paralysis or non-use). On my backside, just below my tailbone, there had formed a decubitous ulcer. And it was by no means small.
A decubitous ulcer comes from the inside out. It was completely down to my bone. It was about 8"x51/2" wide and 2" deep. It was dead rotting flesh. I was put in the hospital. By the time I was admitted, I was paralyzed from
My waist down. But through this whole process, I knew God was in control. I thought I was only going to be in the
Hospital for a short time.

But it turned out to be 9 weeks. First the diabetes was under control. Faster than they had ever seen. And of course, as you know, you don't heal so well. Immediately as they were treating the ulcer, they started seeing the Blood flow and healthy pink skin return where the ulcer had been. At this time, it was Christmas. December 25th.
My family came to see me, and I had Christmas in the hospital room. The doctor's couldn't understand why I had such a happy demeanor, But I knew that God was going to take care of me. My nurses were wonderful. They were Christians, and they agreed With me in prayer. My main nurse, Scott Ann, that's her name, Always encouraged me because she was a Christian, and I was always in her Prayers, and she was always in mine. They had me in rehab. That's usually where older patients go who have had broken hips or strokes and need to relearn. I was the youngest person on that floor. Now satan can't get you one way, he'll try to get you through another.
Believe it or not, he'll work through Christians. They sent a psychiatrist in my room.

He couldn't understand why I was so happy, While I was always smiling. You see, I have a positive outlook on life. And I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart, soul and mind. And this so called psychiatrist, actually an intern, Thought he would take it upon himself, to diagnose me for something he knew Nothing about. He gave me a diagnosis where he said I had 5 years to live. Now, I think that probably made him very happy, because he made me very scared, and made my family scared as well. But then we knew what was going on, and we got angry. We called my neurologist, Whom I call a God sent man, who is a specialist on Sarcoidosis. He was very angry because he said, "That's a bunch of trash. He is talking out of his league, And you cannot put a numbered lifespan on something like that." And he said, "Only God in Heaven knows when your time is up." Needless to say, it caused a big sink in rehab. The doctors were wrong.

Because the fact that I am here right now, and it's been 14 years since he made that secular and foolish decision, proves God is right and doctors don't know Everything they think they do. Now I know this seems long to you, but you need to know what God has done for me. On January 7th, 1997, a doctor performed Reconstructive surgery where the decubidous ulcer was. And because I was paralyzed form the waist down, They made an incision in my lower abdomen and put a foley catheter that ran Into my bladder. I had to wear a catheter bag all of the time.

Each day after the surgery I went into do physical therapy. I also did upper body therapy to make my upper body strong. It was my therapists job to get me to learn to stand.
The surgeon who had done the reconstruction was told I would never walk again and to do what he had to do. After 9 weeks, there was nothing more that they could do, some people with their negative thoughts and negative mouths, including my own family, said they had just sent me home to die, and these are my Christian sisters that did this! Oh how little faith they have in God. And how little faith They had in me. God made me a very stubborn and strong willed person, and my God promised me when He sent His son Jesus to the cross. He didn't take those lashes for nothing.

Everyday when I went for therapy, I'd stick a piece of peppermint gum in my mouth, and I would say, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." If I had believed man, I would have given up. But my faith lies in God. They sent me home. I was in a wheelchair. I had to have help to transfer from one place to another. I had nurses coming in 5 days a week and they had sent people to help me get things done, as far as my physical hygiene and things of that nature. I didn't like having them in my home, because I knew God was going to bring me out
Of this. After two weeks, I told the nurse, that I could do things myself, and that she didn't need to come back anymore. After about 3 weeks, the nurse that came in to make sure everything was healed up on my backside was told that she didn't have to come anymore.

In the latter part of February, I started getting feeling back in my legs. First it came back into my fingertips, then I started testing them with a pin. I was very excited, and Praise Be to God! He got the glory. Next thing I know, I am out of the wheelchair, and I am walking
With the walker. While my husband was at work and my kids were at school, I had been practicing everyday to walk again. Because I knew the doctors were wrong,
And that I would walk again. I knew God had healed me.

May 23rd. Our Wedding Anniversary. My husband had got me a gift and he had went into the kitchen. Now my kids had seen me earlier in the day walk by myself,
And I can't explain the happiness and excitement in their faces, because they too knew what God had done. I told my husband to stay in the Kitchen. I had to get his anniversary gift. I told him to shut his eyes.
His gift: I walked from my living room to my kitchen unaided no walker.

My husband was absolutely ecstatic. 2 weeks later, I and my son went to the doctor for a check-up. Now keep in mind, this is the doctor that said I would never walk again.
I went into my room, with my husband and son with me.
The doctor comes in, and sees me sitting there. No walker, no cane, no wheelchair. And he asked how did you get in here? I said, I walked. He looked at me and I stood up. You could have parked a car in his mouth, it dropped so wide open. He said you're not supposed to be doing that.
And He said, and I quote, "that's amazing." And my husband said, "No, it's a miracle."

It was shortly thereafter, my neurologist took me off Prednisone and all of the other drugs that I was on. He said I didn't need them anymore. I said, and believed in my heart completely, that God had healed me of sarcoidosis. From 1997 to 2001 a nurse came and changed the catheter tube once a month. I told her, "you don't need to come anymore, I can change it myself." In 2001, surgery was done and the catheter that I had to wear was removed.
I asked him, my urologist, to take it out and he did. He told his nurse, this is the young lady they said would never walk again. And he smiled real big. Thank God for Christians who truly believe.

It's been 13 years since since I seen what I call my friend, And I believe a man of God, my neurologist, Dr. Subodh K. Wadwha I knew that God had sent this man to me.
I can now walk, I'm not exactly running marathons yet, But that's not to say I won't, the prednisone had caused the diabetes, and my Neurologist said eventually the diabetes would go away because it was drug induced. I take one shot of insulin a day, and I do take medication for high blood pressure. Which I know God is healing me of as I speak right now.

I have no reason to believe after all he's done, why He wouldn't heal me. He's brought me this far, and He has a special job for me. And He is not done. I am still a work in progress.

This is just to let all of you know, there is hope.
Don't give up. God is in control.
God Bless.

- Sherry Allen

This text written by Sherry Allen.
It is completely true.