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Our Auto Insurance packages.

Here we will list the different automobile insurance options we have available.

* Safe Driver Package

The Safe Driver Package is the Gold standard in insurance coverage. With benefits including roadside assistance, lost keys and DUI obfuscation coverage, you are assured peace of mind.

* Limited Liability Package

The Limited Liability package is the state minimum standard for all vehicles. It is not recommended for customers due to it's low pricing and popularity, also due to it's low pricing. We're also certain that choosing this package shows how unethical our customers can be to cause our company such a loss of money. Honestly, if it were not for the state, we wouldn't even be offering this package.

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It is very important that your insurance coverage reflect your personal driving style and fit within your budget. Together we can determine what insurance plan works best for you.

For more information or a free quote please email:

Appleton-Longwoode Insurance Company * Middletown, Ohio * US * 45044

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